Mid-Century Glam

From 2018-2020 I remodeled and restored my 1940s Doelger duplex in Inner Sunset. This was an amazing opportunity to be both designer and general contractor. In many cases I either helped or renovated rooms myself.

While I wanted to maintain the 1940s theme for the decor, it was difficult making it work. In the 1940s, prints were quite floral, colors desaturated and the furniture can feel stuffy at times. Secondly, those very modern, black aluminum windows were there to stay, along with the beautiful, original, quarter-sawn oak flooring - truly a treasure. So where does authentic 1940s meet sterile 1990s. Somewhere in the mid-century modern with a smattering of glam.  
This room had to feel fresh while embracing the past! It also had to stay neutral enough that prospective home buyers could envision themselves here. I started with mid-century modern pieces, but took care not to get carried away with wood. The black fixtures and leather chair seats helped tie in the harsh contrast of the 1990s windows. Using pops of gold, soft suede and a fury area rug gave the room an element of glam.
Before Photos

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